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The lil'-evil 1

(adventures of the all-american girl)

the all american girl
LiLiTu is: ~ an actress, (horror and action preferred), metal screamer, fetish model, professional ass-kicker, gogo dancer, ~ live performer, EVERQUEST GRRL, college student class of 2010, and overall, kick-ass fuckin' GODDESS.

* - I founded the original dexing community "DXM", back in the dayyyy, which has now been moved to: http://www.livejournal.com/community/toxicdreamz/
It's a pretty sweet place. If you were a member of "DXM", and/or if you're like Me and just thoroughly enjoy TRIPPING... join up.

* - I'm on almost every other stupid fuckin' networking site there is to be on (if I'm missing any, feel free to send an invite, haha) ... simply search and you'll find me.. myspace, facebook, BLAH BLAH ETC.

What else?
I am an Irish, Italian, Scorpio. aka: Do not fucking make Me angry. :)
I pride myself on being a better human being than much of the filth that walks this planet.
I live in My own world, and it's probably not yours!
I swear a lot, especially when I'm excited or angry about something. You don't like it? Fuck the fuck off then!
I make money inflicting pain on LOSERS :D
I've spent probably about half of my life in front of My computer... starting from age 5...
Depending on who you ask, I'm either the most awesome person they know, or the biggest fuckin' asshole they've met. haha.

And of course... I'm hopelessly addicted to Everquest. Even with the release of some of the newer SHIT that's been coming out... EQ is still hardcore and will always be My one true love.
Check My hardcore pimped out wizard Mistress. I <3 her more than I like most human beings and I'm sooo not exaggerating. =D Plans to ink her on My body will someday see fruition.

random quotes, lol:

"Lilith screams like a banshee - and that's a good thing." - Sef St. Clair
"She can be perfectly polite... as long as it's in a foreign language!" ~ the h0n0rable judge Fischer

The Wild Rose
Random Brutal Love Dreamer

Makes decisions faster and less carefully than the average person.
More selfish than average. Selectively moral.
Love is primary motivation (not sex)
Relatively innocent, unjaded. Possesing undiscovered potential. Evolving.